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Liberte UT 380 (Intrauterine Device with Copper)

Type: drug type
Product: Liberte UT 380 Short Format
Manufacturer: Medisafe Distribution Inc
Country: Canada
Dosage: 1 unit
Qty: 1
USD $109.99
Type: drug type
Product: Liberte UT 380 Standard Format
Manufacturer: Medisafe Distribution Inc
Country: Canada
Dosage: 1 unit
Qty: 1
USD $109.99

Liberte UT 380 Information:

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Liberte UT 380 (Intrauterine Device with Copper) is a device used to prevent pregnancy. Liberte UT 380 being an intrauterine copper device (IUCD), is a form of long-acting reversible contraception. It is a small, T-shaped device that is inserted into the uterus. Unlike hormonal IUDs, the copper IUD does not contain any active ingredients or drugs. The copper on the IUD acts as a spermicide, creating an environment in the uterus that is toxic to sperm, which prevents fertilization. Additionally, the presence of the copper may affect the mobility of sperm and prevent the egg from implanting in the uterus.

Generic Liberte UT 380 from Canada

Canada Drugs Online is proud to serve you the brand Liberte UT 380 from Canada manufactured by Medisafe Distribution Inc. Please call us toll-free at 1-877-900-3784 for details. also carries other Contraceptives such as Ella and Nexplanon.

Liberte UT 380 Side Effects:

Mild side effects of using a copper IUD may include increased menstrual bleeding or cramping, as well as spotting between periods. Some individuals may experience backaches or other minor discomforts during the initial period of adjustment. These effects typically improve over time. Contact your doctor if these mild side effects persist or worsen.

Possible serious side effects of this device may include expulsion of the IUD, unexplained or heavy vaginal bleeding, pain or bleeding during sex, unintended pregnancy, severe cramps or tenderness in your abdomen, unusual vaginal discharge, severe body itching and rash, swelling of your face, lips, tongue, or throat, difficulty in breathing, and dizziness. Stop using this device and seek immediate medical attention if you notice these severe side effects. Also, inform your doctor about any other side effects you notice that are not listed here.

Liberte UT 380 is considered a safe and highly effective form of contraception when properly inserted and maintained. It has a high efficacy rate of at least 99% with a good safety profile and generally lasts about 5-10 years. Once inserted, the copper IUD does not require daily maintenance, making it a convenient option for individuals seeking long-term birth control.

Liberte UT 380 Directions:

Liberte UT 380 is typically inserted into the uterus by a qualified medical practitioner during a pelvic exam. The procedure should be performed by a trained medical professional in a sterile environment. Prior to insertion, the healthcare provider will assess the patient's medical history and perform necessary tests to ensure suitability for the device. It's important to follow up with your healthcare provider for routine check-ups to ensure that the IUD remains in place and is functioning effectively.

Liberte UT 380 Precautions:

Before using this device, make sure you inform your doctor about any past or current personal or family history of medical conditions, especially the following:
• Allergic reaction to copper-containing substances, other intrauterine copper devices, or any other contraceptives;
• Abnormal uterine bleeding;
• Active pelvic inflammatory disease or vaginal infection;
• Fibroids;
• Septic abortion;
• Uterine abnormalities;
• Wilson's disease, an inherited disorder that causes copper to build up in many organs

Do not use this device during pregnancy. Inform your doctor immediately if you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, as this device can harm the fetus. It can, however, be used while breastfeeding. It is worth noting that this device does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Avoid having more than one sexual partner, as this can increase the risk of developing an infection while using a copper IUD. After insertion, regularly checking the strings of the IUD is recommended. To check, insert a finger into your vagina, feel for the cervix, and then the strings. If the string seems shorter, longer, or is not felt at all, it's crucial to get in touch with your doctor. In the meantime, consider using another form of birth control until the IUD has been checked. Before using Liberte UT 380, inform your doctor about all the medications you are using, including other medications that are applied or inserted into the vagina to prevent a potential reaction with Liberte UT 380.

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