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Arazlo (Tazarotene)

Type: drug type
Product: Arazlo Topical Lotion Tube
Manufacturer: Bausch Health
Country: Canada
Dosage: 0.045 %/45 gm
Qty: 1
USD $89.99
Type: drug type
Product: Arazlo Topical Lotion Tube
Manufacturer: Bausch Health
Country: Canada
Dosage: 0.045 %/45 gm
Qty: 2
USD $149.99

Arazlo Information:

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Arazlo (Tazarotene) is used on the skin to treat people 10 years of age and older with acne vulgaris (acne). It is recommended that for children 10 to less than 12 years of age, Arazlo should be used on the face only. Acne vulgaris is a skin condition that begins with the formation of a plug in the hair follicles. The plug is made up of surface skin, oil and bacteria. It is seen as a whitehead or blackhead. After the formation of the plug, oil in the gland escapes into the surrounding skin and causes inflammation which is seen as papules, pustules, or cysts. Arazlo works by helping the normal growth of the skin cells (keratinocytes) and reducing skin inflammation in acne. Your acne should improve as you continue to use Arazlo.

Arazlo from Canada

Canada Drugs Online is proud to offer you the brand Arazlo topical lotion tube from Canada manufactured by Bausch Health. The generic version is not available. Please call us toll free at 1-877-900-3784 for details. also carries other acne medications such as Veltin and Ziana.

Arazlo Side Effects:

Common side effects of Arazlo may include application site; dryness; peeling; redness; itching; sensitivity to sunlight; risk of sunburn; back and joint pain; painful menstrual periods.

Contact your doctor immediately if you notice more serious side effects such as:
• Hypersensitivity (allergic reaction): fever, skin rash, hives, itching, swelling, shortness of breath, wheezing, runny nose, itchy, watery eyes;
• Infections and infestations: viral and upper respiratory tract infection (headache, cough, sore throat, runny nose, nasal congestion, fever);
• Skin Irritation at the application site: red, sore or peeling skin; burning/stinging sensation; severe itching and/or dryness.

This is not a complete list of side effects. If you notice any other side effects not listed here, please contact your doctor or pharmacist.

Arazlo Directions:

Use Arazlo exactly as your doctor tells you to use it. Arazlo is for skin use only. Do not use Arazlo in your eyes, nose, mouth or other mucous membranes. If you get Arazlo in your eye, flush it with cold water. Do no use Arazlo on your scalp, armpits, or areas where two parts of your skin touch (skin folds, thighs, and groin). Do not use Arazlo on normal skin that does not have acne. If you use other medicines on your skin such as benzoyl peroxide during treatment with Arazlo, you should apply one in the morning and one in the evening to separate the application time. You may use a moisturizer after applying Arazlo as needed. Make sure to allow skin to dry after you apply Arazlo. Do not use more than you need to cover the treated areas. Using too much Arazlo may increase the risk of skin irritation. If you develop skin irritations, your healthcare provider may tell you to use a moisturizer; decrease the number of times you apply Arazlo; completely stop treatment with Arazlo. Wind or cold weather may be more irritating to your skin during treatment with Arazlo.

Arazlo Precautions:

Do not use Arazlo if you:
• Are allergic to other retinoic compounds or any ingredient found in Arazlo;
• Are pregnant or if you think you might be pregnant, or plan to become pregnant;
• Have a skin condition known as seborrheic dermatitis;
• Have eczema or any other skin problems (such as skin irritation or sunburnt skin).

Arazlo can increase your chances of having sunburns. If you are going to be exposed to sunlight, you should use sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 and wear clothes that can protect you from the sun. This includes sunlamps. If you are pregnant or if you think you might be pregnant, or plan to become pregnant, or are breastfeeding talk to your healthcare professional. Arazlo may harm your unborn baby. Tell your healthcare professional about all the medicines you take, including any drugs, vitamins, minerals, natural supplements, or alternative medicines. The medicines that may interact with Arazlo include drugs that make your skin more sensitive to the sun such as thiazides (diuretics), antibiotics (tetracyclines, fluoroquinolones, phenothiazines or sulfonamides; drugs that are applied to the skin or cosmetics that have a strong drying effect (products with high amounts of alcohol, astringents, spices, lime peel, medicated soaps or shampoos); products containing benzoyl peroxide.

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