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Chemical Name:  Raltegravir            
 ProductManufacturerCountryDosageQtyPrice (USD)  
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MerckCanada25 mg60$299.00
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MerckCanada100 mg60$599.00
MerckIndia400 mg60$899.00
GenericIndia400 mg60$699.00
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Isentress Information:

Isentress (generic name: Raltegravir) is an anti-viral medicine that helps to prevent the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) from spreading its cells around the human body. The medication is in no means a cure for HIV or AIDS, It is simply used to treat cases of HIV which if left untreated can lead to the severe and fatal diagnosis if AIDS.

Isentress Side Effects:

It is important that you seek to find emergency help if you experience any adverse effects, whilst using Isentress, and you should keep a personal log of any small changes that you may experience, whilst using the medication, so you can discuss then with your doctor at your next review. The generic side effects that relate to this medication have been reported as diarrhea, dizziness, headaches, tiredness, trouble sleeping and weakness from within your body. If you experience any symptoms such as difficulty breathing, the swelling of the face, throat, tongue or lips, then finding suitable emergency aid, should become a top priority for you. Some of the more serious effects, that you may encounter, whilst using Isentress are Pale skin, easy bruising and bleeding, any signs of a new virus or infection such as cold or flu symptoms, drowsiness, nausea, stomach pains and muscle pains or muscle tenderness. This is just a select few from a long list, make sure you read up on all instructions you have been provided with, before you commence on your treatment using Isentress.

Isentress Directions:

Make sure that you take Isentress exactly as it was prescribed to you from your physician or your doctor. This is important as using too much in too little time can be lead to painful side effects, that will just add to your condition. You may take Isentress with or without food, and it is recommended that you use Isentress on a continual basis to achieve the best results from its use. To avoid running out of Isentress, make sure to get your prescription refilled, as this will ensure you always have the medication to hand when it is needed. HIV and AIDS are normally treated using a selection of medications and you should ensure that you use each drug as directed by your doctor. Ensure you hold regular sessions with your current doctor or physician to ensure you are taking the adequate dose of medication for the severity of your illness.

Isentress Precautions:

Before using Isentress, inform your doctor if you are allergic to any known drugs, you have used in the past or also if you have any conditions, that include kidney disease, liver disease or muscle disorders. Taking Isentress will not prevent, HIV from being able to pass from person to person. It is imperative that you avoid having unprotected sex or sharing razors and toothbrushes that belong to other people. This will mean the condition will not be passed around to other people, which you spend time with. Also HIV can be passed to your baby when pregnant, if you are not treated correctly during the pregnancy from day 1. Using Isentress will aid in controlling the virus within your body during this pregnancy, however after the baby has been born do not breast feed your child, as there is a chance that your virus could pass on to your baby through your breast milk. Some other drugs that you may take, can make Isentress lose its effectiveness when they are combined. So it is important that you inform your doctor if any other conditions you have, and of any medications you are currently using as treatment for them. Rifampin, Phenobarbital or Cholesterol medications such as Prevastatin and Rosuvastatin, are all other known medications, which are known to interfere with Isentress, when they are used together.

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