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Chemical Name:  Diflorasone Diacetate          
Diflorasone Diacetate
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Diflorasone Diacetate
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Psorcon Information:

Psorcon (generic name: Diflorasone also known as Diflorate Cream) belongs to the group of medications, known as steroids. It is able to work within the body, as it can reduce the actions of certain chemicals within the body, which are responsible for causing any inflammation, redness and also swellings. It is normally prescribed to help treat people who suffer from skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Diflorasone is available in cream form for topical dermatological use.

Psorcon Side Effects:

Mood changes, blurred vision, insomnia, weigh gains, muscle weakness and also a feeling of tiredness constantly are all side effects which have been associated with the use of Psorcon. It is advised that although these side effects are very rare, that you should be able to recognise these side effects should you ever encounter them. If you do encounter side effects in which you believe has been caused by Psorcon, then you consult your doctor immediately for further guidance and advice. Mild skin itching, stretch marks, blisters, pimples, skin rashes, swollen hair follicles and a thinning are softening of your skin, are also less serious side effects that you may encounter. If the symptoms of any side effect become worse, then you should seek emergency medical aid, and clearly state the name of the medication that you have taken.

Psorcon Directions:

You should always take this medication exactly as it has been prescribed to you or how your doctor has instructed you to. If you take any dose which is higher than the recommended dose then you risk the possible fatal consequences of a drug overdose. If your condition does not improve after a continued use of this medication then you should consult your doctor to discuss your treatment further. As a result of taking this medication, you may need to undertake regular blood test, which will ensure that this medication is working within your body. It is recommended that you only use this medication on the affected areas of your skin, and you should also avoid any damaged areas of your skin whilst administering your dose.

Psorcon Precautions:

There are other medications which may interact with Psorcon and the way in which it is supposed to work within your body. It is advised that you inform your doctor of any other medications that you currently take, or have taken in recent times. This includes all prescription and over the counter medications, and also any Herbal or vitamin supplements. It should be noted, however that it is very rare that other medications will interact with Psorcon in such a way that it will induce drastic effects within your body. You should avoid getting this medication in your eyes, however if this does happen as a mistake, then you are to ensure that the area of the eyes, is rinsed with water. The medication should also not be used on broken skin or open wounds of any kind. Psorcon is currently at pregnancy risk category C, which means that the risk of this medication having an effect on the unborn child cannot be ruled out. For more information on this medications, please consult your doctor or physician.

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